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Annie Ross

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Annie trained as a fine artist at the Slade and RCA and subsequently went to work for Goddard and Gibbs stained glass studios in the 1980s. In recent years she has gone back to her fine art roots integrating 2 and 3d work with cast glass elements, which allow her to express her ideas in a freer way, without the constraints of architecture.

"The idea of pilgrimage resonated with me, as a member of my family has recently followed the Camino de Santiago. The thought of a walking journey through a local landscape with a purpose, allowing the time to look, research, absorb and wonder, was very appealing. As a runner I do not give enough time to the beauty or interest of my environment, to the history of these routes and to a slow meander.

This journey may be a catalyst to a new series of works which at this stage is an "open book". It may start at the beginning or at the end, working backwards. It is a chance to translate these ideas into physical work, which hopefully will appeal to others and encourage the idea of pilgrimage for whatever goal one chooses." -

Images in Response to The Way of Saint Martin

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