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Kerry Donati

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Kerry is an etcher. She has a Fine Arts and Education degree from Cambridge and a Masters from Oxford and is currently doing a PhD at UCL. She's not an academic though, just curious!

She also has physical challenges due to a long-term health condition. The notion of pilgrimage is something that fascinates her and has a previously been inaccessible. However, this creative slow pilgrimage has opened up the opportunity for everyone to take part, regardless of ability. Kerry is interested in pilgrimage as an expression of faith, and an exploration of faith. She likes the resonance of walking in the footsteps of others over the centuries, all bringing their hopes and fears, and their desire to connect and go deeper with their faith.

As an etcher, Kerry is fascinated with the process, the methodical steps of this ancient art form, the reflective way that each steps takes time and opens up space for reflection, and this resonates with her pieces, which often have an ethereal quality. She is looking forward to the process of meandering through this beautiful countryside, and being a modern day pilgrim.

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