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Our Pilgrims Progress

In July 2019 Liz Garnett attended a pilgrimage workshop in Canterbury and was inspired by a talk given by Andrew Kelly who created the Augustine Camino along with his wife, Paula. Liz met up with Alexandra Le Rossignol a few days later and mentioned the idea of an art pilgrimage following the Augustine Camino. Both artists were inspired by the idea and, in mid August, met to prepare for the pilgrimage and discuss the collaboration with other local artists.

On 21 November 2019 the seven artists set out on their pilgrimage. They met at Rochester Cathedral where they were blessed by Canon Precentor Matthew Rushton, before setting out on their journey. The artists walked from Rochester to Bluebell Hill. The weather was misty and cold.

By the beginning of November, five other artists had joined Alexandra and Liz. These artists are: Fiona Taylor, Sonia McNally, Bay Lees, Marion Lynn and Caroline Hymers.

On 12 December 2019 we set off on the second stage of our pilgrimage. We walked from Bluebell Hill to Aylesford Priory in the wind and the rain. Despite this, we remained cheerful.

At the end of our journey we spent time exploring Aylesford Priory and Sonia sketched in one of the chapels.

On 9 January 2020 six of us headed off on the third stage of our pilgrimage from Aylesford Priory to Boxley: Marion Lynn, Sonia McNally, Fiona Taylor, Liz Garnett, Alexandra le Rossignol and Caroline Hymers.

The last stretch of the walk took us underneath The Downs and through young vineyards. By this point the sky had started to darken.

At the church of St Peter and St Paul, Aylesford we found a hollow yew tree big enough to fit Sonia.

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