Sonia McNally

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Sonia is a professional visual artist interested in the imagination and spirituality. Her work explores themes of the sacred, mythology, folklore and the related iconography. She works onsite in ancient and wild landscapes, which act as a portal to imaginal narratives and a connection to the divine.

Sonia has a first class degree in fine art. She lives in Faversham, Kent and exhibits internationally. Sonia takes groups of artists on residential artists trips to sacred and wilderness sites, produces public commissions, teaches art in Canterbury Cathedral and taught at Canterbury Christ Church University for 12 years. She is also a creative mentor for the Barclays Eagle Labs in the Channel Islands.

For Sonia, the important part of the project is walking the pilgrimage trail and moving through the landscapes and seasons. She is drawing inspiration from the pilgrimage sites by revisiting them and making work onsite. Sonia has been enjoying meeting other artists in the group, sharing ideas, lunch and seeing how differently everyone works. -