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Vicky Morley

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Vicky would describe herself as an inquisitive ambler, not a Rambler or a quick A to B person. Walking and being in the landscape for her is a creative force and reflective process that restores her equilibrium, makes her happy and influences her work.

On this pilgrimage to Canterbury, she will be walking in the footsteps of people down the centuries and with this comes a strong sense of history, place, time, passing and a connection with what and who has gone before. She is not a religious person but is moved and fascinated by churches, graveyards, religious ceremony and the sense of past, present and future history.

Covid - the Creative Pilgrimage project has come at the right time for her; it feels like a reawakening and has altered her bearings. For Vicky, it will be interesting to walk, talk and meet with other artists and have lunch in a pub. It's not quite like Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, yet this comparison does spring to mind. An Interesting journey ahead.

Vicky works across a variety of media, drawing, mixed media, assemblage and photography.

Images in Response to The Way of Saint Martin

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